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our ministries



An integral aspect to the life of Riverbend Bible Church are the numerous Small Groups that meet during the week in various homes all over our communities. We want to encourage you to pursue a life lived in the context of the local Church by gathering together as believers in each others homes.



An integral aspect to the life of Riverbend Bible Church are the numerous Small Groups that meet during the week in various homes all over our communities. We want to encourage you to pursue a life lived in the context of the local Church by gathering together as believers in each others homes.



men at riverbend

the conservatory



contact: Matthew Johnston 

24th Feb, 12th May, 15th September, 24th November
Bacon & Egg Breakfast $5
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 heart and soul

Our Women’s Bible Study is for women of all ages. We meet on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM. Creche is provided for small children. Please come along and join us.

Contact: Kay Graham

 take them a meal

This ministry is practical help to those in need of meals after an illness, new baby, hospital stay, or a death in the family.

young adults

Young Adults Ministry meets every Sunday evening in The Conservatory at church for a meal, fellowship, and to study the word of God.
If you have finished high school, or between the ages of 18 to mid thirties, then please come and join us.


  Contact: Andrew Young



youth ministry

Youth Ministry is another arm of the church and therefore it’s main purpose is to glorify God.
Practically this can be out worked in three ways:

1. Exaltation: to exalt, prize, and honour God above all else.

2. Edification: to encourage holiness and fellowship among His saints, and

3. Evangelism: to proclaim the gospel to the lost through evangelism.

All of this is done to the glory and honour of our Heavenly Father. In Youth Ministry we see this worked out through one major application, discipleship. It is the call of Matthew 28:18-20, “Go therefore and make disciples”. This goal is accomplished through two practices, evangelism and sanctification.

  Caters for 14yrs old +

   Friday nights

  Games, teaching & small groups

  Contact: Alastair Young



Children’s Ministry

Riverbend Bible Church children’s ministry exists to help those in our care know God and grow to become like His Son, Jesus Christ.
Our Sunday School, Boys Rally (7-11 years), Girls Rally (7-10 years), Girlzone (intermediate girls), and Jitterbugs (pre-school) help us:

1. To fill children’s minds with the word of God so they will grow to think the way God thinks and live the way God has commanded.
2. To establish in children habits of godly living in their lifestyle.
3. To create a Christian Community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and who are committed to Jesus Christ and each other.
4. To help children build proper relationships with those who are in authority over them.
5. To make each child’s experience at Church safe and profitable in the process of Christian growth.


Sunday School (pre-school - primary)

Sunday school exists to provide pre-school to primary aged children of Riverbend, and visiting children, an opportunity to learn about the character of God in a fun and child friendly environment.

The children are released from church just before the sermon and all meet together for Kids praise before heading to their classes.
An excellent team ensures all singing and lessons are bible based and Christ centred and pitched at an appropriate level for each of the class groups

The four classes are
Bible Explorers (3-5 year olds)
Treasure Seekers (Year 2-3)
Discoverers (Year 4-6)
Navigators (Year 7-8)

We also provide crèche during the service for infants to 3 years old.

The main church service finishes at the same time as Sunday school when parents of pre school children are expected to collect their child from class before enjoying fellowship around morning tea

 Every Sunday (except school holidays)

  Contact: Karen Major.

Girlzone (intermediate)

Girlzone is an opportunity for our young girls to get together, have some fun and make some cool things, but most of all learn more about God. In Girlzone we will look at what it means to be a Christian and work on developing our relationship with the Lord.
Every second Monday 6:30pm-8:00pm
Contact: Vicki-Lee Dempsey

Girls and Boys Rally (7-11)

Girls and Boy Rally is an international organisation that began here in NZ.
Our aim is to build children up in the following three areas:
    1. Spiritual- building strong Christian character.
    2. Educational- increased knowledge and understanding.
    3. Physical- developing physical fitness and team co-operation.
At Riverbend Bible Church our Rally’s focus on Bible teaching, hobbies, games, outings and friendships in a Christian-based environment.

Contact: Michael Stonestreet or Justine McCullough

Jitterbugs (preschool)

Jitterbugs music group is a pre-school music and movement ministry run by Riverbend Bible Church. Session are held Thursday mornings during the school term starting at 9:30am and followed by morning tea. All are welcome.

senior saints


Evergreens cater for those in their 60’s and over. We meet during the year for social activities – join us!

monday fun and games

Each Monday we meet in The Conservatory at 1:15pm.
All are welcome to join together for an enjoyable afternoon of indoor bowls, board games and fellowship.


Reaching our community and the world

Riverbend Bible Church exists to glorify God by becoming passionate followers of Christ, reaching our community and the world with His grace and truth. This purpose centres on the life and ministry of His church, both here in New Zealand and in the people and organisations that God allows us to partner with around the world. The church is what Christ is building and accordingly the work and ministry of His church is the core of our mission endeavour.

Samfya Bible School

The Zambian people of rural Bemba speaking Zambia and DR Congo desperately need equipped leaders so that the local church can effectively reach their communities.

We have had the privilege of partnering with Samfya Bible School since the year 2000 and we praise God that the practice of training has fulfilled the priority of proclaiming and the purpose of reaching the world with God’s grace and truth. Tens of thousands of Zambian people have been blessed by the graduates that Samfya sends back out to rural village life. We are blessed to see churches strengthened, new churches planted, people coming to Christ and being helped to grow in their love for Jesus.

Currently we support Samfya in the following ways:

1. Sponsorship of teachers’ wages and support staff.
2. Maintenance of buildings & new infrastructure.
3. Bibles that support village churches and ministries (in Bemba language).
4. Teaching support, training and accountability.
5. Village Training Seminars where Graduates serve.

Simon, Anni, Alan, Tania & Rachael Pyatt

Training National Missionaries in Manado ‘Asia Pacific’

The Pyatts have been serving in the Missionary Training Centre which Ethnos (Previously New Tribes Mission) runs in Manado, Northern Sulawesi, ‘Asia Pacific’ since 2008.

Ethnos exists to assist the local church through mobilising, equipping and coordinating missionaries to evangelise unreached people groups, translate the Scriptures and establish indigenous, New Testament churches that truly glorify God.

The training course is four years long, giving students a solid understanding of the Scriptures and the tools they need to enter into unreached people groups, learn their language and culture, plant self sufficient churches and translate the New Testament. The training centre has both national and expat staff. Students come from both tribal and city locations in ‘Asia Pacific’.

The Pyatts are based in Hawkes Bay for the next couple of years while their kids get adjusted to New Zealand life and culture. During this time Simon continues to work full-time for the field of ‘Asia Pacific’, writing New Testament commentaries in the local language, that can be used at the Training Centre. He also makes regular trips back to teach and to encourage remote churches planted by the mission.

Jeremy & Vicki-Lee Dempsey: OAC NZ-Fiji

Jeremy is the OAC National Training Director and OAC Hawkes Bay Branch Director. He works full time by faith for this organisation.
Over the past few years the Jeremy Dempsey family have has travelled to Fiji for 8 weeks mid-year to help establish a self sustaining O.A.C School of Evangelism.
Follow our blog: http://adventuresfordempseys.blogspot.co.nz

Colin & Bev Winters: Uganda

In May 2014 Colin & Bev headed to Noah’s ark Children’s Ministry to volunteer full time. They are both involved in many areas of this Children’s ministry but their greatest  desire is to share the gospel and enable Ugandans to have bibles in their native language.
Follow our Blog: http://cbwinters.com

Alex Tumwesigye & Simon Tumukwasibwe: Proclaim Africa, Kampala, Uganda

Alex Tumwesigye & Simon Tumukwasibwe have started Lungala Bible Ministries in Uganda. They are committed to loving and bringing the full transforming gospel to their community.

Follow them on their blog: http://alexandsimon-africa.blogspot.co.nz

Merv & Julia Tucker: Israel

Merv and Julia are currently back in Haifa Israel. There main focus is evangelism, and they are actively involved in their home fellowship of Bethesda, building and focusing on relationships with unbelieving Jewish families.
Please pray that the Holy Spirit will grant even greater opportunities to share the gospel and that the eyes of the people will be opened to see that Yeshua is their Messiah.


A vital ministry of the Church. Please join us at the following times:
Sunday 9 AM
Tuesday 7 PM
The conservatory



worshiping God and edifying the church body


We seek to build a music ministry that will be characterised by humble service to God and to the church- exampling a life of worship.

We seek to provide an environment where people can exercise and develop their musical talents to the benefit of all.

We hope to provide a context whereby people can grow spiritually so to give their all and best as an act of worship.

There are many ways to serve in the music ministry – musicians, singers, sound desk, audio visual and more.

Contact: Mike Lee


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We have biblical counsellors available.


We have biblical counsellors available.