sports camp


labour weekend

19-22 October 2018

our mission

Sports Camp exists to spread the gospel by imparting God’s Word to young people in the context of playing sport.


lives changed by the gospel

Sports Camp is an annual event held at Riverbend Bible Church every Labour Day weekend.
In 1981 Sports Camp started with local area churches attending. Over the years there have been teams participate from all over the North Island. Many young people have come to know the Lord through coming to this camp and we continue to pray that many more lives will be challenged.

2018 speaker – Ryan Connellan

We welcome Ryan Connellan from Emmanuel Baptist Church as our Sports Camp Speaker this year.

more about Ryan

Ryan was born into a Roman Catholic family just south of Seattle, Washington.
At the age of 3 his family moved to South Korea and then England when he was 6. It was during the time in England that his mother became a born-again Christian. At the age of 9 they moved back to the US and while attending a Baptist church, Ryan made a profession of faith.

At the age of 13 while attending a youth camp, he sensed a strong desire to enter full-time Christian service and dedicated his life to serving Christ. Not long after his family moved to Sydney, Australia. Upon finishing high school Ryan attended a local Bible College and at the age of 23 began pastoring a small church in Sydney.

He currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church and directs a conference and discipleship ministry for young adults called Recalibrate. Ryan also has qualifications in Christian Counselling and a passionate love for the game of basketball. He married his high school sweetheart, Janelle, and has 4 amazing daughters.

we aim

  to glorify and honour God in everything we do at Sports Camp (1 Cor 10:31; Rom 15:5-6).

  to evangelise the unsaved represented at camp (including both campers and referees) (Matt 28:18-20).

  to challenge and mature the Christian young people in the teams so they can grow in their walk with the Lord and be a witness to the unsaved in their team and in other teams (Eph 4:12-15; 1 Peter 3:15).

  to come alongside team leaders to encourage and support them in their youth leadership roles (Heb 10:24-25).

  to provide a safe and sporting environment where, sportsmanship and participation is encouraged.


  faithfully preaching the gospel using the living and active Word of God.

  corporately worshipping God through music and songs that glorify Him both in content and delivery.

  encouraging team leaders in God’s Word and in prayer, in order to promote a unified goal and purpose.

  providing opportunities for Riverbend Bible Church to interact with campers and share the gospel one-on-one.

  providing opportunities for Riverbend Bible Church and other helpers to serve during Sports Camp, thereby modelling a selfless servant heart.

  maintaining a Christlike testimony in all aspects of planning and hosting Sports Camp.



step 1

complete team application form

step 2

complete team registration form

step 3

make your team payment

the essentials

the essentials

how to register a team

The process to register a team for Sports Camp is:

Step 1

Complete the Team Application form. Note: If this is accepted and there is a slot for your team:

Step 2

A Team Registration Form will be sent to the Team Leader to complete and email or post to the Sports Camp Committee.

Step 3

Make your Team Payment, either by: – cheque (made out to Riverbend Bible Church) OR – deposit online using the RBC bank account number (on the Team Registration Form).


The cost is $115 per person. A team deposit of $500 is to be made in one payment either by cheque or online by the 1st of July. The completion of fees must be collected by team managers prior to coming to camp. All team fees are to be paid by 14 October. We ask that payment be made for team fees by one cheque or online deposit. If for any reason you have paid for a person who is unable to attend at the last minute, a refund will be given. Cheques should be made out to: Riverbend Bible Church.


Registration will begin at 8:00pm located in main foyer area.

things to bring

  Bible and pen   Suitable clothes for all weather conditions   Money for Gracebooks   Money for snacks at the Canteen   Necessary sports gear e.g. hockey sticks, mouth guards, swimming togs etc   Togs for swimming sports and/or swimming in camp pool, is weather permits.   Non-Christians to witness to

day visitors

Day visitors are welcome to visit for any part of the weekend but unfortunately we are not able to cater for meals for visitors.

wrist bands

Upon arrival, each team member will receive a wrist band which is to be worn throughout the duration of Sports Camp. These wrist bands are required for those wishing to participate in the sports events, and eat meals at the camp.


There will be maps showing where your team is sleeping, in the conservatory and on the dining room doors.


Parking is clearly marked on the campus maps. Please do not park on the hockey field though. Make sure you lock your vehicles securely.


All team managers will be responsible for the behaviour of their group both on and off the field at all times and are expected to supervise bedtime behaviour. A bedtime curfew of 12 midnight will be observed. Consideration of others and neighbours at night please. Over the weekend you will be required to go to different venues. Please make sure that this is done in a responsible and careful manner.

schedule and fairplay

With the numbers present, keen competition and limited time it is essential that the organisation of this camp be tight. We trust that cooperation and sportsmanship, as well as hard play, will characterise this Christian camp. To make this weekend, we count on all teams and individuals to make their own contribution to a memorable weekend.

cell phones and food

To avoid unnecessary distractions, please turn off all cell phones and pagers during all the sessions. Also, please do not take food or drink into the Worship Centre.


Trophies will be handed out, but once your team has had their photos, then all trophies are to be handed back. You may take your certificates with you! (We no longer will be replacing trophies, and wish to display the ones left.)

lost and found

For misplaced items, visit the Registration Room/Information Desk. If, after your departure, you discover something is lost, please contact us and we will try our best to help.

fire evacuation plan

In the event of a fire, quickly and calmly make your way to the tennis courts where you are to remain with your team. Once your team leader has checked that the whole team has been accounted for they will report to the person in charge of checking teams off, who will also be situated on the tennis courts. They will be wearing a fluoro jacket or vest. You must stay in the designated area until the all-clear has been given.

first aid and safety

Please inform us of serious personal medical conditions or other information that may be needed in an emergency. If you observe unsafe conditions on site, please insure the safety of others and then report the situation immediately at the Information Desk. The First Aid Tent is situated behind the Library next to the soccer field. Individuals are responsible for their fitness levels, and adhering to all safety rules. Please read each set of rules for the different codes; also make sure you read over the procedure and protocol for injuries, as follows: ALL injuries are to be reported at the time and recorded in the record book and assessed by the person on duty at the time. In the event of a more serious accident or where there is any uncertainty as to the extent of the injury involving the head, neck or spine, then an ambulance will be called. No one is to attempt to take themselves or anyone else to the hospital without notifying us. All minor injuries are to be reported and recorded. There are ice packs available for use, but must be returned for others to use, as soon as possible.

sports camp rules

This is a Christian sports event. A large emphasis will be placed on fair-play. Referees Referees are not infallible but they guarantee to be impartial. Their decision is final. Brad Clark and Mike Ward are available for the referral and settlement of any disputes or appeals. If you have any queries you can communicate these through your team manager only. A total of two official warnings in any sport will mean you will be required to appear before a disputes council. This will more than likely result in harsh penalties for the participant and his/her team. Participation Where both male and female are participating, consideration must be shown to females. eg; speed of pitching in softball, tackling in soccer. Inconsiderate or dangerous play will be penalised. Draws Draws have been arranged to reduce overlap. Where clashes occur, it is the group’s responsibility to field a team. Team games take precedence over individual games; however individuals playing in the individual games must play them immediately to allow completion of the draws. Due to the large range of sports, clashes are inevitable. If/When this occurs the team has the option of either forfeiting one of the games or they can field a weaker team, the latter still providing your team with valuable points. Punctuality It is the responsibility of each team to make themselves aware of their start times. Due to the busy nature of the weekend delayed starts cannot occur. If a team fails to show at a match, after five minutes from the sound of the siren the match will be forfeited to the opposition (providing that the opposition is in full attendance). Substitutions All substitutions must be made through the referee. Time Clashes Should a team get through to the semi-finals or finals in more than one sport, the organisers will do all they can to accommodate that team, but if there is a serious clash of fixtures that cannot be avoided, that team still has the responsibility to field a substitute team rather than default. Team Sports RUGBY Normal Rugby Seven Aside rules apply. Dangerous play will be severely penalised. * All players must be wearing mouth guards. SOCCER Normal soccer rules apply. Teams of 9 players, including at least two females. (If you have more than two females the opposition does not have to match but they still must have two females playing.) HOCKEY Normal hockey rules apply. Teams of five players. In the event of a penalty shootout the five players who began the game will be the persons responsible for taking the shots. Please bring hockey sticks if at all possible. Due to the very rough surface of the playing field there will be no hitting, only pushing of the ball. * All players must be wearing mouth guards. NETBALL Normal netball rules apply. One minute interval for half time. SOFTBALL A minimum of four females. The nominated 9 players at the start of each game must complete the entire game, no substitutions will be allowed. Camp Rules: – Two out = Side out – 2 Strikes – 3 Balls – Males pitching to females must show consideration. If the speed of the ball is excessive a ball will be called. New pitcher for each innings. The innings must be completed by both teams for runs to count otherwise only the previous innings will be counted. VOLLEYBALL Team of six players. Accumulated points, change ends every 10 points. Note: not the number of sets won. BEACH VOLLEYBALL Normal rules apply. Male and female have separate competitions. Pairs. BASKETBALL Normal basketball rules apply. A team of five players with a maximum of five subs. – Teams may sub at the break of play at the ref’s control – A point will be awarded for every foul incurred – Four fouls – the player is “fouled out” – Two equal halves with a one minute interval – One time out per half, per team (20 sec) – Running clock game Each team must supply a scorer and time keeper per game. LONGBALL Normal camp rules apply. These include everyone participating. Change over for the following: hit behind or over boundaries on the full, caught on the full or a runner tagged with the ball. No more than five runners at either end (sixth runner forces a runner). Fair and responsible pitches. Runners and returning fielders must run between cones. KAYAKING Team of three – 2 males and 1 female – Sitting start – Accumulated times (best three times added together) Kayaks and life jackets are supplied. CROSS COUNTRY Minimum of two males and two females required from each team. Course will be explained prior to race. MIXED TOUCH Two females and four males required in a team. Fifteen minute games, 7 minutes each way. Individual Sports PETANQUE One person per team. DRAUGHTS One person per team. CHESS One person per team. SHOOTING One person per team. CROQUET Pairs, one male and one female per team. Rules will be explained before game. TABLE TENNIS Pairs, one male and one female to represent each team in singles. DARTS Pairs, one male and one female per team. Round the world rules apply. INDOOR BOWLS Pairs, one male and one female per team. Best of five ends. CYCLING One female and two males represent each team in a combined placings event. ARCHERY Pairs, one male and one female per team. Five arrows each, combined points total. KAYAKING Team of three – two males and one female. Sitting start. Overall time. Kayaks and life jackets are supplied. ATHLETICS 100m race – five males and five females to run against all other teams. Discus – one male and one female, best of three throws per person. Final distance is the two combined. Shot Put – five males and five females, standing throw, distance is accumulated. Standing Long Jump – five males and five females, distance is accumulated. CROSS COUNTRY Minimum of two males and two females required from each team. Course will be explained prior to race. Individual placings will be added together to get the team’s final placing. Please note: The kayaking, shooting, archery and croquet will be run within a time bracket at some stage over the weekend. Confirmation of exactly what time will be announced during camp. Trophies and Results Certificates and trophies are awarded for all sporting codes, including: OVERALL CHAMPION AWARD This is awarded to the individual who contributes a standard of excellence in all areas of camp, and whose contribution to camp is a real merit. OVERALL TROPHY This is the trophy for the team with the highest points for the overall weekend. K. ARTHUR MEMORIAL CUP This trophy is a Fairplay Award named after a young lady who used to organise the Matamata Team, and died as a result of a car accident. She is now with the Lord. This trophy is presented to someone, who throughout camp, has shown an outstanding attitude on and off the field. The recipient of this award is selected by the teams. TEAM SPIRIT AWARD This is for the team that contributes most to the spirit of the camp and displays enthusiasm, unity and support within their team. SPORTSPERSON This is presented to a person who has shown an outstanding performance in his/her sport(s) and has also shown good sportsmanship.

team leader checklist


team leader checklist


   Minimum of 25 per Team

   Team Registration deposit paid

   Individual Consent forms signed

    Fundraising completed (if required)

   Transport to and from Sports Camp arranged

    Team informed of any changes made by Sports Camp Committee

    Remainder of Team fees paid

   Team mascot, team song or chant and team banners organised

    Compulsory Mouth Guards worn in both Rugby and Hockey